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Divorce based on
Mutual Consent

A divorce by mutual consent is an amicable and collaborative process, where the spouses have jointly agreed that their marriage has irretrievably broken down, jointly wish to divorce and have agreed on the consequences of such divorce.

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Divorce based on

If an offending spouse seriously or repeatedly breaches his or her marital duties, the other spouse is entitled to singly lodge a divorce petition against the offending spouse on the grounds of faute(s). A divorce for faute(s) is thus a confrontational process (as compared to a divorce by mutual consent which is an amicable and collaborative process).

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Divorce based on
separation of 3 years or more

If you have been separated from your spouse for three years or more (in some circumstances even though living under the same roof), you may be entitled to be granted divorce on that ground.

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Divorce based on
acceptation du principe de la rupture du mariage

Choose this option if the spouses agree to divorce but they have not reached an agreement as regards some or all of the consequences of the divorce.

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A divorce petition has been served on you. What should you do?

Choose this option if a divorce petition has been served on you. For an in-depth analysis of, and advice on, your personal situation, please call us on 213-78-67.

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Custody of minor children, rights of visit and/or hebergement, immediate care and control over very young children, alimony, sole use of conjugal house, partition of property following divorce or death of a parent, appointment of Tuteurs, Domestic violence, etc.

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Vashish Bhugoo

Vashish holds an LL.B. Honours from the University of Mauritius where he graduated in 2007. He was sworn-in as an Attorney at Law on 13 January 2010. He practices in the fields of civil, commercial and corporate litigation.

Vashish has a wide and in-depth experience in family law matters, including divorce, custody of minor children, right of visit, right of hebergement, alimony, sole use of conjugal house, immediate care and control applications over very young children, and domestic violence. He also advises on and handles cases of partition of common property after divorces.

Vashish is recognised as an approachable person and a professional attentive to detail. He has a personal interest in technology related matters, hence this webapp to bridge the web and the Court rooms.

Outside office, he has been a part time lecturer at the University of Mauritius for some years. He is presently an elected member of the Mauritius Law Society.

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